SquidlyPoli1's Place: Bare Minimum Edition

Originally I designed my website back in 2018 and most of the HTML knowledge used to create it was done with Googling stuff and a bunch of copypasted spaghetti code that somehow worked. Now I'm in college and taking proper HTML classes, so I'm eventually going to redesign this site to make it look less 90s and more organized and usable.

For now the site will mostly just be one page of my MUGEN stuff and some screenshots/links I've had up on Brawl Vault and other sites. Not everything is going to be nuked but there will certainly be a lot of the old fat gone.




Other stuff

Super Smash Bros. Brawl mods

Mainly character-based unless stated otherwise. The one (singular) BrawlInstaller package requires squidgy617's BrawlInstaller plugins for BrawlCrate, which are located here.

Other stuff

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